We regret to inform our followers that due to the lack of $upport for The Voting App, we have shut down our servers and removed The Voting App from iTunes and Google Play. Civic Technology Foundation has picked up the ball and is to offer the API to everyone who wants to further develop it as an Open Source project. CTF is also accepting donations to bring The Voting App to your communities. Please visit civictechfoundation.org and make a contribution. This tool deserves to exist and can. It’s up to you.

ThinkVoting is checking out of the game. Good luck USA. We’re gonna need it if we continue to make uninformed voting decisions, if indeed we make those decisions at all.

Peace out,
F. Joseph Santori
CEO – ThinkVoting

PS – if you want to see what we were working on – go here.

Welcome to 21st Century Democracy

Welcome to ThinkVoting. We’re using the latest technologies to completely transform the way we all participate in a modern democracy. We provide tools that will empower voters and candidates alike, and make it much easier for anyone to become more politically engaged. Our first offering is a free mobile application simply called “The Voting App”. The Voting App consolidates scattered and fragmented information into a single place, and gives every voter the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How for every election.



Learn about WHO is on your ballot. Compare and contrast candidates on a range of aggregated criteria. 
Discover WHAT propositions and other ballot items are up for vote; understand pros and cons for each of them. 
Know WHEN things are happening across all of your elections. Never miss an important deadline or event again.
Find WHERE you are eligible to vote and use your navigation to guide you all the way there.
Understand where candidates stand on the issues and determine WHY you want to vote for each candidate or proposition on your ballot.
Uncover everything you need to know about HOW to make it to the polls and make an informed decision. 

The Voting App customization is now available for any municipality!

After a successful launches in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and all across Texas, The Voting App is now ready for a city near you. We’ve created a brand new version that is easier to use and more powerful than ever before, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. We are expanding to several other states, and working with organizations all across the country. Stay tuned for many exciting new developments to come!

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