Think Voting was created for all of us who belong in the same community and society. It was mainly for polls and surveys where people can just contribute their answer and leave immediately from our site. However, we thought that it would be better to let them be a part of a discussion too and let them post and share their own opinions on this website as well. We all know how much the world is facing so many issues nowadays and more people are becoming more and more concerned about it. These issues will not go away unless the people who are in charge of it will do something regarding these matters. As such, we make it a point to make our voices heard even if it is just through this website.

The main reason why we created a new way of discussing our concerns about society and other issues is to create an awareness of what is happening to the world today. We want to hear about what you think and your recommendations on how to solve it. By means of voting whenever we have polls, you can let your own ideas be known by other people. We can weigh all available options and the decision will not only be monopolized by one group. It is also a way for us to practice our freedom of expression and we want to take advantage of it.

It is always a good thing to express ourselves and let our voice be heard by people who should listen to us. We want you to be free to express your thoughts so we have made this site open for everyone. Nothing is better than listening and being heard so why not join this group in making such advocacy possible? Think Voting is free for all so make sure to follow us starting today.