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  Frequently Asked Question and Support Form

Please tell us your questions, concerns, observations, or report bugs you've found in The Voting App. We will do our best to respond to you with a solution as soon as possible.

I'm getting some sort of Server or Cookie Error

There are some known issues with the Registration functionality. The quickest solution is to simply delete the app, download and install it again, and use the Register Later option. Registration is for future iterations when more robust features come online for users.

Facebook Log in is gone. How do I get back in?

If you registered using the Facebook button in version 1.0, simply log in using your Facebook email log in and password.

Do I actually need to Register a TVAccount (ThinkVoting Account) to use the app?

No. Registration is for future iterations when more robust features come online for users. It will soon be useful for users who may want to install the app on multiple devices and retrieve and persist their ballot selections across those devices.

Your address not working?

This is the first iteration of The Voting App. It has it’s share of “new app” nuances. As we iron those out, please contact us to let us know of any issues. If your address isn’t working please email us the address in question immediately and we will get to the bottom of the issue to ensure you are able to get into the app and explore your ballot.

The app says I'm not in Austin, but I am.

3 possible reasons why this may be happening. • If you are in Austin, but not in Travis County, the app will give this error. We are working on gathering the complete voting jurisdiction information for Hays, Bastrop, Williamson, & Caldwell Counties to provide a complete Austin Area ballot, and will provide an update upon completion. • Some addresses are falling into gaps between the geographical “shapefiles” that determine the voting jurisdictions. Shapefiles are determined by longitude and latitude vertices on a map. Sometimes they don’t quite stitch together as cleanly as one would hope. These files are provided by state and county offices and we have little control over them. We are working on a more precise system for determining these voter jurisdictions. In the meantime, try manually entering an address nearby to see if you get better results.

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