Some people feel that getting a gym membership is expensive and at times, inconvenient. It is always a challenge to get for people to maintain discipline in exercising without a gym.

People enrol in the gym for reasons such as companionship, better equipment, and professionalism.

A gym is also associated with better and quality results due to the enormous motivation and assistance. However, it would be total ignorance if you failed to attend the gym and fail to build a home gym. There are sure ways people can survive with a home gym without incurring costs.

Home gym

Let us learn some of the ideas from this website on how you can build a home gym at no cost all.

Firstly, you need to create and make available space that is ideal for exercising.

Space atter a lot since gradual growth can help you acquire equipment that you need o store and use at the same time. Dedicate a small space where you could start your home gym.

Do bodyweight exercises.

You could also result in bodyweight training which doesn’t require lifting weights. People may underestimate the power of bodyweight training but its highly effective and ideal for starters.

There are well-known personalities who prefer this form of training regime which produces outstanding results with dedication and consistency.

You need to familiarize yourself with the training routines since they concentrate on a particular part of the body.

Some of these exercises only need a mat or a piece of simple DIY equipment to perform such as push-ups which are ideal for your chest, squats which help the lower body and pull-ups which help the back part of the body.


You could draw inspiration from the internet videos where people thrive with the bodyweight exercises. The exercises differ, which enables you to get the progressive overload which is ideal for the development of the muscles. You’ ll only require DIY equipment which is easy to make with help from online tutorials.

Build your gym equipment

The other viable option is to build your gym equipment. The tutorials are all over the internet to help you make equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, power rack, etc. You only need readily available materials such as left out cement packages, sand and rods. Dumbells are enough to start with after which you can progress to other complex equipment.