The Voting App iOS is LIVE!

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The Voting App – Austin Edition is now available:

ThinkVoting is excited to announce the official launch of “The Voting App – Austin Edition” for iPhone, with the Android version soon to follow.  This first version of The Voting App will exclusively serve the Austin area during the upcoming election. With the historic nature of Austin’s upcoming election (78 candidates running just for City Council and Mayor) and the likelihood that many voters will be voting for their own City Council member for the first time, there is a desperate need for The Voting App.

About The Voting App:

The Voting App harnesses the power of mobile to make participating in the electoral process easier than ever before. It consolidates the critical information needed to evaluate the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why for any federal, state or local election in which you are eligible to vote. It allows voters to compare candidates on a number of different criteria, evaluate pros and cons of proposed legislation and ballot items, and will even guide them to nearest poll location.

About ThinkVoting:

ThinkVoting is a civic-minded software development company with a new vision for 21st Century Democracy. “We aren’t politicos. We are technologists that recognize the potential for technology to play a greater role in our civic process. We want to make it easier for average people to get involved and informed.”  – Founders of ThinkVoting

ThinkVoting has been built from the ground up here in Austin, and believe this upcoming election offers the potential to showcase the power of mobile technologies in the future of our democracy. They are non-partisan, and are forging partnerships across the political spectrum to create tools for citizens everywhere.

Partnership w/ League of Women Voter’s:

ThinkVoting worked closely with The League of Women Voters Austin Area to develop The Voting App, and have officially partnered with them to deliver their Voter’s Guide information through the app. ThinkVoting’s founders and the LWVAA believe that mobile technology is the key to bringing more and better informed voters to the polls (see press release from LWVAA here).

More Info:

For more information about ThinkVoting and The Voting App, please visit, or email the founders at to schedule an interview. The iPhone version of The Voting App is available in the iTunes App Store at The Android version will be available in the Google Play Store on Friday, October 25.