ThinkVoting Partners with Austin Area League of Women Voters

Posted by | September 30, 2014 | In the News, Press Release | No Comments
The League of Women Voters of the Austin Area is pleased to announce that beginning in this election, we will have a new audience for our Voters Guide. We are partnering with ThinkVoting, an Austin-based civic-minded software development company, to deliver our Voters Guide information to mobile phones. With the historic nature of Austin’s upcoming election (78 candidates running just for City Council) and the likelihood that many voters will be voting for their own City Council member for the first time, our Voters Guide will be needed by more voters than ever before. And a new app will be there to make this happen.
ThinkVoting, working closely with the LWVAA Board, has developed “The Voting App”, which will be available to mobile device users on October 17. ThinkVoting’s founders believe, and so do we, that the power of mobile technologies can bring more and better-informed voters to the polls. The Voting App will remind voters to vote, suggest where to vote, and offers a personalized ballot for any Austin voter. By bringing a wide assortment of election information together on a single app, voters can find out all they need to know without having to search for it or having to know what to look for. 
The Voting App will be available for iOS and Android mobile devices on the official launch date of October 17th, just in time for early voting, in the Apple App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android.
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Our mission is to leverage the latest mobile technologies while harnessing the strength of civic organizations to create the world’s most powerful tools for voters. And it all starts here in Austin, Texas.”  – Founders of ThinkVoting
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