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One of several land information of pals may be the battle to get a hold of love

One of several land information of pals may be the battle to get a hold of love

Barry Farber

Barry Farber was actually interested to Rachel in 1994, but Rachel departs your within altar whenever she knows she does not like him after finding by herself more activated by a gravy ship. Barry and Rachel quickly reconcile towards the conclusion of month one after the former declares their engagement to Mindy huntsman. Barry and Rachel split up once again when Barry picks to marry Mindy. Barry marries Mindy into the season two finale, “The One With Barry and Mindy’s Wedding”, in which Rachel tends to make an appearance among Mindy’s bridesmaids. Barry and Mindy get divorced in period six when Barry cheats on Mindy once again.


Paolo dated Rachel for a time during season one. a dark, Italian man exactly who could not communicate English really well. Rachel’s relationship with Paolo was actually situated just on intercourse. Rachel refers to the girl union with Paolo given that opposite of the girl connection with Barry. Through the partnership, Ross was envious of Paolo and continuously tricked him into contacting themselves mean names. Paolo would continuously get Rachel necklaces, garments, or sneakers as he was a student in Italy. Rachel keeps Phoebe render Paolo a massage, however when Paolo helps make a pass at this lady, Rachel breaks with him. In period two, after Rachel realizes Ross try matchmaking Julie, heartbroken and inebriated, she’s a single nights stay with Paolo, although it doesn’t total something further than that.

Ross Geller

In “usually the one With Russ”, Rachel dates men called Russ, whom to your bewilderment of the girl friendsA looks and serves eerily similar to Ross. Rachel bizarrelyA doesn’t see theA several similaritiesA between Ross and Russ, and more bizarrely, neither create either of them. Rachel times Russ as a rebound partnership after separating with Ross upon finding out of a list of the woman good and bad points he previously composed right up while attempting to determine whether or not to date their or Julie, but the undeniable fact that she’d date one who resembles your so much – regardless if she’sn’t seen the aforementioned resemblances – appears to highly imply that the woman is however attracted to your, and different company actually suggest this principle to the woman. Ultimately, whenever Rachel sees the 2 arguing, she ultimately views the parallels between them and walks aside, disturbed. She later on breaks with Russ, whoA therefore turns out to be disheartened andA one dayA while hanging out on coffee shop is actuallyA spotted by Ross’ ex-girlfriend Julie, who’s furthermore disheartened after Ross broke up with her. Julie try interested in Russ as soon as she sees him, once she talks to him, they begin a relationship. But Julie, like Rachel to start with, almost certainly has not observed how much Russ resembles Ross.

Joshua Burgin

Rachel schedules Joshua Burgin for 5 attacks in month 4.A each of them meetA for the first time while she actually isA being employed as your own buyer at Bloomingdale’s. Joshua will come in after his ex-wife burns each one of his clothing and he needs another clothes. (No mention about what he did to are entitled to this) Rachel develops a crush on Joshua and delivers yourA a number of indicators, that slip by him completely.A Rachel gets your two Knicks tickets so they can carry on a night out together but Joshua believes this woman is offering the seats to him, so according to him he can need his nephew with the games. After S4 E13 a wallet is found at Bloomingdale’s, that driver’s license shows try owned by “Joshua Burgin,” that Rachel takes on kissy face together with her very own licenses. Rachel next encourages Joshua to a fake celebration at Monica and Rachel’s suite utilizing the family in which Rachel wears their twelfth grade cheerleading dress, which leads Joshua to fall for her. The 2 ultimately go out, but separation after Rachel hastily proposes to Joshua after 4 schedules in “the main one Because of the designer wedding dresses”. Rachel calls Joshua to apologize to him but when he gets to the lady suite, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe all are wear wedding dresses brazilcupid which freaks Joshua out in which he makes again.

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